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Collection of bracelets 9 models

3D files for online download

3D printing goes hand in hand with 3D or digital files. Generally in STL format that will make printing sheets, along with a software or laminator. Therefore, you will need to be familiar with both the files and the program to prepare everything before you hit print. 

In our previous video we explained how to download all our models so you can print a variety of products. For example, reels with our brand, displays, masks, air fresheners, bracelets, splints, among others.

Just click and it will be yours, you can also visit our filament store and make the most of these creations. 3D files are essential to get started and we want to share with you our projects.

What are 3D STL files?

The files in STL format or "Standard Triangle Language", deal with the digitizing of geometrically shaped objects for subsequent printing. Experts call it ASCII binary CAD. 

In the market we find a variety of CAD format files, but STL is currently one of the most used and standard. Therefore, 3D printing has become a simpler process and it is now easier to use.

3D file plus spool: your project made reality

If you have a 3D printer, all you need is a spool from our catalog and download a 3D file to make a variety of objects that you like. You will enjoy the art of creating figures or special objects.

If you have any questions, you can contact us to help you with the process and show you how to learn how to print and create your personal or business project.

Here are 4 tips for printing and designing:

  • Install software for 3D design.
  • Design your file in STL format.
  • Load your STL design into the 3D printer software.
  • ¡You're here!

And if you prefer, you already know, download any of these files to begin to test our filaments.