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How long does the filament smell?

The smell of the filament does not disappear, in a printed piece that is inside we can garanty 2 years of duration as the first day. We cannot guarantee continued odor on outdoor parts exposed to high temperatures, or on parts with continued wear and tear.

Is your Filamedic effective against COVID-19?

The composition of the filament is antibacterial and fungal, it does not eliminate the virus nor do we have evidence to confirm it.

Are all flexible filaments ?

At the moment yes, but they have a very low soft so that they are very easy to print.

Can I print them with my Ender3?

Yes, of course, they can be printed on any printer with either a direct extruder or a bowden type.

What parameters do I need to print?

In the product we include a card with the guiding parameters and in the downloads section you have personalized simplify3d and Cura print profiles.

Do you have any troubleshooting guide?

On the blog we have a very interesting article that explains how to print flexible filaments without problems. Recommended for beginners.

The filament bubbles or cricks when printing, what should I do?

TPU is a very hygroscopic material and tends to catch moisture, to dry the material we propose two options:

  1. Put the material in a room with a dehumidifier for 12 hours.
  2. Put the filament in an oven and programmed for 2 hours approx. at 60°degrees

What is that of Masterspool format?

It is a format without a reel and prepared to be inserted in the reusable coils available in the download section of the web, this way we pollute less and produce less waste.

Is mosquitoes filament effective?

Filafly® is a filament composed of a concentrated natural citronella additive, very powerful and effectively tested against insects.

Can I recycle parts with fail prints?

Sure, the core of the filament is TPU and is 100% recyclable.

Do you make 2.85mm diameter filament?

You do not have this diameter in stock but we can manufacture on request and with minimum quantities.

Do you ship outside the European Union?

If although the coronavirus problem is closing borders and our courier service has restrictions, you can consult us before placing the order.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Orders are delivered within 48-72 hours. (five day for Europe)

You only have those smells, can’t you ask for others?

Currently we have a lot of variety, but we do not rule out getting new odors that surprise our customers, we can manufacture almost any smell …

Are they toxic or dangerous to children?

Our Filafresh filaments aren´t toxic and aren´t dangerous, it is the responsibility of each client not to print too small things that children can choke on, we have food grade certification for Filamedic and Filafly only.